Executable Documentation for Everyone

Sometimes good documentation makes the difference between just another dead github repository and a successful, widely used library. But writing documentation is tedious and boring and maintaining it ten times so. But wrong documentation is sometimes worse than none so updating it is even more important than writing it.

If only there was a way to write documentation of software systems that validates itself, making sure it doesn't lie. But wait, there is! Every automated test program is a piece of self-validating documentation. The only thing missing now is a way to make it accessible and understandable for everybody, not only technical experts. A tool that publishes test code in a pleasant-to-read form. So let me show how, together with some best engineering practices, your wildest (documentation) dreams can come true.

Was lernen die Zuhörer*innen in dem Vortrag?

ou will learn what Executable Documentation is, why it's an Agile superpower, and hwo to make it work in your team.

Nikolas Martens
Nikolas Martens

Nikolas Martens is a full-hearted software engineer, coach and consultant. He has been coding since age 13 on various platforms including...

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